News Coverage for BuzzNumbers

BuzzNumbers wins iPitch 2010 Top Startup

iPitch - 6th Jan 2011

To recognise the success and growth of Australian startups in 2010 held the inaugural iPitch i10 Awards...

BuzzNumbers: Microsoft BizSpark Startup of the Day

TechMeme - 30th November 2010

We are delighted to have been awarded Microsoft BizSpark Startup of the day for our Social Media Monitoring and Intelligence Software.....

BuzzNumbers RedHerring 100 Asia Finalist - 26th Oct 2010

To recognise the success and growth of Australian startups in 2010 held the inaugural iPitch i10 Awards...

Top tech innovators announced at 2010 iAwards

AIIA - 6th Aug 2010

The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) announced the top technology innovators for the year at a gala dinner held in Melbourne to celebrate the 2010 iAwards....

Tracking the top election topics in social media via BuzzElections

eGovAU - 29th July 2010

This type of tool allows the public to better understand the broader views and trends during an election, without relying on potentially biased media reports...

The only interesting thing you’ll read about the election this week

Anthill Online - 27th July 2010

BuzzElection delivers a comprehensive overview of election coverage across online forums, social media sites, and twitter, offering a breakdown of coverage by topics, city, state-by-state analysis, and the Top 100 Influential Tweeters. It’s actually kind of impressive, identifying the top most influential Twitterers and the trending topics. ...

BuzzNumbers Gaining Publicity & Winning Awards (MSDN Blogs)

Microsoft MSDN - Thursday 15th July 2010

You may recognise local BizSpark Start up BuzzNumbers as the runner up from our BizSpark Azure Camp held recently in Sydney. Following on from that event, BuzzNumbers continue to achieve bigger & better things! ...

Startup crunches social media buzz numbers

ComputerWorld - Wednesday 14th July 2010

Turning the black art of tracking customer feedback through blogs and social networking services into a science has become a successful service at Sydney-based startup BuzzNumbers...

In Australia, Social Media Measurement firm, BuzzNumbers announces BuzzNewsRoom service

iCOM - Fri 13th July 2010

Social Media Measurement firm, BuzzNumbers, Founder and CEO Nick Holmes a Court writes: So one of the interesting pieces of feedback from our customers over the last year or so, is an ongoing desire to share the great information about them that is all over the web as part of their companies Website. BuzzNewsRoom is a Online Media Room that automatically stays up to date with great content from around the web. It also features a powerful admin area with full content filtering, content editing and an approval process, so no unwanted information ever makes it to your newsroom....

BuzzNumbers on a roll as award and new release keeps them at the top

The Next Web - Fri 9th July 2010

Big news for Australian social media monitoring and intelligence startup, BuzzNumbers, with an award and new release showing that they’re still one of the leading tech startups in the country...

Holmes a Court creates new buzz for social media

Dynamic Business - Thu 8th July 2010

Where traditionally you would have needed to commission time consuming, expensive market research to understand this type of data BuzzNumbers puts these insights at your finger tips instantly...

BuzzNumbers adds location features

Market Research Industry Online - Thu 8th July 2010

In Australia, online media analytics firm BuzzNumbers has upgraded its Buzz platform, to help businesses track what is being said about their brand and where conversations are taking place...

The Cloud Gold Rush

CRN - Wed 7th July 2010

Pioneering resellers find themselves at the edge of a "gold rush". The Australian channel is splitting into two camps; the trailblazing resellers who are changing their business to take advantage of cloud services, and those who are or will be losing business to the first group...

BuzzNumbers founder awarded Hot 30 under 30

SmartCompany - 27th April 2010

BuzzNumbers founder and CEO, was today awarded Hot 30 under 30 for the second year running in the SmartCompany annual awards.

BuzzNumbers launches with Windows Azure

ComputerWorld - 13th April 2010

Microsoft has launched its Azure cloud platform in Australia, letting developers deploy applications on the company's data centres in North American, Europe and in the Asia Pacific. Nick Holmes a Court, chief executive officer of social media monitoring company BuzzNumbers, said that while the performance advantages of a closer data centre in the Asia Pacific would be beneficial for developers looking to provide a competitive speed of delivery, his company would stick to deployments in North America

BuzzNumbers Chairman launches 40M Venture Capital Fund

ITWire - 29th March 2010

A new Australian venture capital fund, OneVentures, has been launched to offer companies in the New Media, IT&T, clean technologies and life sciences sectors access to $40 million in funding.

B&T BuzzNumbers providing insights to Facebook conversations

B&T - 10th December 2009

Social media measurement company buzznumbers is for the first time providing brands with in-depth consumer insights about particular products and services ....

BusinessWeek: Humorous examples of Social Media Monitoring

BusinessWeek - 7th September 2009

Humorous example of social media monitoring: Sydney University I was doing some research for my book, looking for instances of interesting social media monitoring when I came across this humorous example (thanks to BuzzNumbers).

Aus firms seek clarity on social media

The New Lawyer - 9th September 2009

Aus firms seek clarity on social media The New Lawyer Panel members including Nick Holmes a Court from Buzz Numbers and Suresh Sood from UTS as well as Kate Gibbs the editor of The New Lawyer agreed firms...

What's the Buzz? : BuzzNumbers Can Tell You

BusinessWeek - 31th July 2009

Online Media Monitoring BuzzNumbers scans and monitor all known online media channels real time for your brand or business name. What’s the Buzz? : BuzzNumbers Can Tell You - Business Exchange

Chk-chk-boom sums up sensation

Sydney Morning Herald - 25th July 2009

The social media monitoring service BuzzNumbers said there were more than 40000 online conversations about it - the equivalent of $200000 in advertising revenue.

Measuring engagement to be topic of next Social Media Club Sydney

Mumbrella - Wed 13th July 2009

Measuring engagement to be topic of next Social Media Club Sydneymarketing umbrella Speakers include Nick Holmes a Court of social media monitoring company BuzzNumbers Jye Smith of Switched On Media and Matt Granfield of DP Dialogue. ...

Australia's favourite brands hated on the web - 30th April 2009

Dozens of hate sites on the web Could have big impact on company image. An Online audit of Australia’s favourite brands has revealed dozens of hate websites set up by livid customers and ex-employees.